WORKSHOP#4: Animal-assisted activities for self-development and professional inclusion in the agro-sylvo-pastoral sector in Portugal

The fourth workshop of the Erasmus+ Agroinclusion project took place in Portugal (4-6 October '22). This workshop focused on sharing how through structured activities using the dogs, work can be done in areas of self-development and how the technician works on key areas to improve the success of the trainees in farm work, namely in driving sheep flocks.

This workshop was organised by Wonderchapter (Portugal). The main activity of this company is qualitative consumer research for large companies. The company has also conducted several psycho-sociological researches outside the brand/consumer field. brand/consumer: Several studies for universities (academic research), the European Commission and private companies on issues of citizenship and psychosociology.

The workshop was full of activities showing how people with special needs or at risk of exclusion can develop professionally and personally. How to use dogs as a relevant tool preparing persons with special needs for their inclusion in the labour market - technically and psychologically. For this purpose, we enjoy:

  • Presentation of «OBEDIENCE TRAINING COURSE FOR DOGS as an instrument for inclusion», and practice session with the participants.

  • Presentation of «SHEEPDOG HANDLING AND TRAINING CLINICS as an instrument for inclusion», and practice session for demonstration with workshop participants.

  • Visit to a farm of animal and agricultural production in organic mode, with presentation of innovative vocational training project in Portugal for the integration in the agro-sylvo-pastoral sector and handicraft.

If you want to know more about the activities that took place during these 5 days you can do it in the following link.