28th February 2023 - 03rd March 2023

  Welcome at the Lower Saxony in Germany

in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony (Germany) 

Three days of workshop to share information about Lower Saxony and the Chamber of Agriculture, vocational training in green professions and experiences with people with learning difficulties in special fields: horticulture, home economics and agriculture.

Day 1 - Hildesheim Lower Saxony (Germany)

On this first day, the partners and workshop participants spent the whole day at the National Centre for the Hearing Impaired and enjoyed interesting lectures.

 Among them:

In addition,

Day 2 -   Hildesheim Lower Saxony (Germany)

The second day was full of interesting activities, we visited:

Day 3- Hildesheim Lower Saxony (Germany)

Third day of the workshop in Germany!

On this day the organising partner Landwirtschaftskammer - LWK Niedersachsen (CALS) had prepared for us:

Day 4 -   Hildesheim Lower Saxony (Germany)

Last activity before going home!

We visited the Lammetal Foundation www.lammetal.net which has been working with people with disabilities for many years. We visited one of their carpentry and engineering workshops, a harvest yard and a restaurant.