After a complicated season, where it seemed impossible to hold face-to-face meetings, finally! the participants of the AGROINCLUSION project from Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic could meet in person for the First workshop and a coordination meeting, organised by FMM, from 11 to 15 October in Dehesa San Francisco.

The project is about exchange, identification of synergies and the presentation of good practices for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, special needs, with some other limitation...

The workshop was a success, during the workshop, FMM organised several visits of interest and activities to share with the rest of the partners the possibilities that exist in Spain for the inclusion of people with special needs in the world of work, especially in the world of agriculture.

Some of the activities that took place were:

Didactic walk on the Dehesa San Francisco visiting work-places and objects where inclusive instruction takes place. where training on erosion, saving and retaining water, cork harvesting - a product that only grows in very few areas in Europe - bone burner or tasks such as repairing and maintaining bicycles were discussed.

The second day,, they visit to Ecovalia/Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica (CAAE) and Asociación entre amigos (ea) in Sevilla Ecovalia help to organic certification and support in training skills and Asociación entre amigos (ea), helps dissemination, sensibilization, raising of consciousness, allows access to schools, etc. in slum like areas.

The last day was a visit to Plena Inclusion in Montijo where they showed us their system and work with people with special needs and how they are involved in all stages of their lives.

Thanks to this first workshop, it was possible to show that it is possible to achieve a society in harmony, where there are no barriers and all people have equal opportunities.